Introduction by Martin:

The next reading group will be on MRI. Since this is quite a general subject, instead of reading papers, I will make you watch a few introduction videos on selected key topics. I have included questions for each video to make sure you understood what you just watched. You are expected to watch them again or do some of your own research if you have absolutely no clue (they are short videos after all). We’ll go through them on Friday and some more advanced topics if we have time.

MRI Physics

  • Extremely good introduction video, watch it more than once if necessary:
  • Questions you should be able to answer:
    • What is the magnetic field doing to our body?
    • How are slices selected during acquisition?
    • What is the RF pulse doing to our body and why is it necessary?
    • What is the difference between T1 and T2 relaxation?
    • What transformation is needed to be applied to the image and why?

MRI Modalities

Additional Reading

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